Monday, December 12, 2011

Pre-Christmas Celebration (aka Mom's birthday)

We were instructed to arrive on Saturday the 10th at 4:00 pm and bring only liquid refreshments and to come prepared not to talk about politics, religion, health, war, price of Coca Cola and a myriad list of taboo topics.  We weren't all together on Thanksgiving and wouldn't all be together for Christmas, so attendance was not optional.

Thomas and I arrived with our things and parked in the snow and mud.  I quickly handed Thomas my armload, as Granny was standing on her porch looking for her cane.  It was a rather funny sight, as she has little sight left and couldn't possibly have seen much in the light of late afternoon.  More comical was that she hadn't been outside with it.  I found it leaning behind a robe in the bedroom, but then was invited to have a seat and talk.  I really wanted to go check out the liquid refreshments, but first listened to the news of the day.

Thomas got to do his favorite thing - hold a baby!  I don't know why he thinks he is too tough to hold babies because in truth, they all just think he is terrific.  Sofia especially likes the view from her Tio's lap.

No, Andres didn't get into the cake early.  Granny went home before it was cake time, so she took her piece before the wish was made.

A woman never tells her age, but this cake did have number candles.  Sara remarked that the numbers were probably backwards, knocking a few years off Mom's age and making her an extraordinarily young mother to Daniel.

In lieu of birthday spankings, Mom got sat upon by her almost 13 year old grandson.
 We all had fun and made nice.  The feast was delicious, and we enjoyed lots of storytelling and laughter into the evening!  Good timing, too, as I knew I missed a fantastic birthday party for Nick's 31st with the lighting of the Ford house on Henderson Street and another one for Cole's 2nd.  Near and far we celebrated!

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