Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rest in Peace!

Even when someone says she is "ready to go" and knows that what is on the other side is even better, it doesn't feel any better to let her go.  My cousin Theresa has gone to that better place, and my heart is broken open for her family and all who loved her.  In the midst of remembering Baby Liam this weekend and what a long year it has been without him, I find myself asking "why, why, why?" all over again.

Theresa leaves behind a lot of hearts filled with good memories, but most importantly she leaves her husband of four years and her twins who turn 2 years old next week.  My heart cannot even fathom the depth of their loss.  They will remain in my prayers, and I will recover from the loss in a way they never can.

Dearest Tweety, I miss you!  You possessed a zeal for life like no other - the utter passion with which you scaled mountains, soared through the skies, told stories, and loved, embracing every day with joy.  I cherish the memories we made together, the laughs and the love.  May you sing with the angels and watch over us with that big beautiful smile.  loveyoumeanit...

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