Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cast of Characters

Whoop whoop!!! Our roof has been raised, and we are so grateful! Now I dare say we need some rain to test it out.

Most stories nowadays end with the cast and only highlight the names of the biggest stars at the beginning (if any at all). Our story is only full of big names, so let me introduce them.

Of course the prequels to the roofing story are loaded with a star-studded cast of our family in Miami, my parents from Portland, and a young “cousin” from Cimarron. This episode has a few recurring characters:

Pop and Daniel were super helpful, along with lending their drivers:

Catching their breath between sheets of propanel to hand up

From our Denver contingency, Mary and Jennifer planned to come, and when Jennifer's sister got wind of it, she, Shaun, and their daughter Mackenzie joined in the caravan.  They were delightful company and hard workers.  Mackenzie was a great distraction from the sun and wind and dirt.

 Shaun, Mackenzie, and Andrea take a break after we finish getting all the propanel hung on the south side.  Note Tom's fine craftsmanship installing a hand rail around the stairs, but don't look too hard at the angles.

Is Jennifer mocking Tom's stance or just showing off her bicep?  She, Mary, and Shaun joined Thomas on the roof as our "drivers".  Admittedly, I haven't set foot on the propanel, though I certainly spent lots of time on the roof.


Mary, also busy with schoolwork, snapped a few pictures when she wasn't busy on the roof.

For these friends and all our family, we are so grateful!  It feels good to have made our goal of having the roof up by Labor Day, and truly, we finished on Sunday, so it was up by Labor Day!

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