Monday, November 26, 2012

Driving to the PNW

The last few weeks have turned into a blur, but I will backdate a couple blogs to catch up.  Thomas and I took a week off to spend Thanksgiving in Portland.  It was a wonderful trip made by car.  We found yet another route between home and the home I grew up in.  The only road we'd traveled before was the stretch between Crater Lake and Roseburg.

Our journey landed us in the land of Arches National Park:

Tom and I at North and South Window

Landscape Arch behind us is wide enough to fit a football field lengthwise underneath!

Before we got to it, I correctly guessed why this was called Pine Tree Arch.  The view through just keeps going and going - really lovely.

We thought we would get in one more national park stop - Crater Lake.  We stopped on our way to Portland for the wedding a couple years ago to find it still buried under six feet of snow.  We thought we might beat the snow and get to see another side of it, but we were wrong.  We started seeing snow the higher we climbed, so we decided that it was best just to bypass it and try again another time.  (We also needed new tires and didn't want to chance a visit to the ditch.)
The road to Crater Lake

Once we hit Roseburg, we refueled and headed north up I-5.  This proved to be a strenuous drive of three hours of torrential downpour - wipers at full speed.  I think it is the closest I have come to water skiing.  Rather than arrive Tuesday noontime, we made it to my parents around 5 pm Monday evening and gave them both quite a surprise.  Also gave my sister some relief, as she was watching a snowstorm roll into Mt Hood National Forest - our original intended route.  Thank God for detours!

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