Monday, December 17, 2012


Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, much partying ensues.  David's birthday came first - and we were all so well behaved.  Someone had the good idea of homemade pizzas, which were really delicious.  The kids were especially amusing (and amused with themselves), as they had wrapped a few packages containing various articles found around the house, including clean laundry.   It was a fun evening together.

And Mom's birthday came next.  We celebrated on Saturday with dinner at Marie's, followed by the annual ornament craft night.  Marie's family had been sick during the week, and evidently Sofia wasn't quite over it.  Hopefully it is not a preview of moody teen years, which won't be as amusing as her dinner "performance" - cheerfully laughing at the table one minute and then pitifully looking from person to person willing the tears to spill over.   

future rodeo princess or just princess??

Wow - our guest of honor!

David in the middle of a daughter sandwich

Daniel and Julie presented this year's ornament craft - little sun catchers that you fill with paint.  It was just the right amount of messy, although I can't figure out how I ended up with orange paint streaked through my hair.

the master craftsmen carefully filling in the colors

Still a few parties left - fire hall team building training/party and end of the world party.  Then the real party begins - Andres/Baby Jesus birthday party.

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