Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome to 2015

Whether it is a sign of times to come - more fun and friends and down time than work time, I am not sure, but we did start the year off with a three day party!  After driving home from Oregon, we crammed a few more working hours into 2014. 

 Did you even see the door?  It blends in so nicely?

In an effort to create a den downstairs, we installed the door Tom built and used up some more T&G in the craft room, not to mention sucking up a couple buckets full of sawdust and setting up the house for company.  The old futons and TV went downstairs, and the guest bed was moved over from the trailer and set up in the guest room.  After many loads of laundry and a bit more house cleaning, we eagerly awaited friends from Colorado to celebrate the new year with us.  All the family got together for some delicious food, a belated Christmas exchange, several rounds of poker and many toasts to a great 2015.  Actually, there was good food, poker, and more toasts for a couple more nights after, too.

 The pond froze over, so there were a few trips out to "skate", until the sun warmed up enough to start bubbling up the water through the cracks.  It was a solid three inches thick.  The water itself wasn't more than 5 inches deep to start with, so "falling through" wasn't really much of a threat.

 Our snow isn't always great for packing, but Tom made this little snowman.  
Many more snowballs were made - for lobbing at each other.

We also had a private cooking lesson on tortilla making - delicious and kudos to Marie! 

We enjoyed time in the sun and around the dinner table and in front of the fire.  We weren't ready to see our friends go on Saturday afternoon after all the fun.  Probably the best Christmas present to Tom was not asking to get back to work after they left - we enjoyed some games and dvds and a puzzle.  But the holidays aren't over - next up, Tom's birthday!

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