Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wood or Silver

Last Friday Tom and I celebrated five years of wedded bliss.  We spent the beginning of the month remembering where we were five years ago - driving to Bend, checking out Crater Lake, buying salmon on the docks of the Columbia, playing golf, BBQing with friends, and then finally - saying "I do!"

Five years ago we were just settling into Miami, building a mud porch, stashing boxes away that still haven't been unpacked.  It is a great feeling to have moved again - into the house, though there are still so many things on the to do list.  Five years really flies by!

My brothers inform me that the five year anniversary "gift" is wood or, more modernly, silverware.  We got a canoe - which is neither, but technically the oars are wood.  My older brother asked is we'd named it, which we haven't, but Tom rejected the idea of "Cinco" as it sound a lot like sink-o, which is never what you want a boat to do.  We enjoyed a great paddle around the lake, stalking the frogs, watching the dragonflies, and splashing (each other and our nieces also on the water).

Here's to many more....

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