Wednesday, November 18, 2015

House Project Photos

So here are the pictures I couldn't upload yesterday:

A project from "a long time ago" - like last month?  
I tiled a simple back-splash around all the kitchen counters.  
Since the photo was taken, they've all been grouted and sealed.
(And the counters are full of all forts of things again.)

 Doesn't that rocking chair look so nice next to the newly finished banister.
In the background is the snow.

The black rectangle above the fireplace was just installed to fill the hole - 
we made our own fireplace cabinet by removing the doors from an existing cabinet and installing the insert.  Looks pretty fancy!  And more snow in the reflection in the doors.

Thomas was vacillating on the pattern for the landing.  
I think this one looks pretty neat!

 Our little study under the stairs - I plan to get the printer set up under there, too.

"My" room - a craft/guest room - will take some time setting up, but the cabinets in the corner used to sit in my grandparents living room with the TV on top and The game of Life, Battleship, and cribbage boards inside.  Now they have yarn and fabric and photos and other such things inside.

On the other wall I made a little desk by joining two shelves, which I am sure will fill up quickly with knickknacks. 

Tom's fancy trim/cope of the doors in the basement - little projects that just give it a finished look.

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