Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our Most Recent Guests

This is the kind of post that should have lots of pictures, but sadly we left the camera inside most of the week.  Mom and Abba came for almost a week, and we had much fun: ate well, watched movies, enjoyed some margaritas, played a few games, chilled out when it rained, and, of course, put in some work on the property.

This picture captures the "after".  With the old single-wide gone, we lined our drive on one side with the jack fence that used to line the front property along the highway.  The guys did a terrific job and it is much more secure than it was along the highway - hopefully relatively maintenance-free for several years.  The guys worked the auger and dug holes for upright posts.  Dad painted up the upright posts to protect the below-ground portion of them.  Mom and I hauled the pieces and staged them around the drive.  It turned out great!  Minor problem with running out of screws and having to do the last twenty feet a week later, but really awesome to see it go up so quickly.  We've got everything lined up to get the other side of the loop fenced, save for the time to do it.

While the guys were working on the fence and not needing the tractor, Mom and I went to town taking down the old snow fence (windbreak fence) around the large garden we grew our first couple years.  I'll admit I was rather reluctant to take it down - hopeful for future farming out there, but in conceding to do it, I also admit it looks really great now.  The picture below shows the field where the fence and gate were - so much cleaner looking, and as Pop pointed out - easier to mow, which was what he was doing.

The visit was so great, and we were sad to see them leave on the morning of the Fourth of July.  Till next time....

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