Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Valentine's Day Power

Really this post is a failed attempt to use my four and a half weeks old smart phone to post a story about Valentine's Day, but I already failed. I lost the first attempt and then deleted the second when I couldn't figure out how to cut and paste. I probably should ask my five year old niece for a lesson or any of her older siblings.

Valentine's Day was interrupted by a power outage in Cimarron. At four o'clock the lights went out with a projected five to seven hours of repair. That mostly eliminates cooking of any kind at nuestro casa.  I texted Tom to pick up Subway or pizza for a romantic candlelit dinner. An hour and a half later, the power came back on, much to his relief, as everyone in Cimarron was in line ahead of him at Subway. We did have a great dinner, his shrimp and crab dish that he'd made for me before we got married. I'd post pictures if I thought it might end with better results than my last attempt.

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