Thursday, March 9, 2017


I've just come upstairs to get a battery for the cordless mouse... for the third time.  The first time I got distracted and started the dishwasher, picked up a few things, started laundry, tried calling my sister. I headed back down to the computer an hour or so later.

It was plain to see when I got down there that I'd forgotten my purpose in the first place. I turned around and went back up. This time I was distracted by changing the laundry, picking up the tools and paint in the mud porch, swept it, cleaned the windows of the door, called and visited with Mary and Sarah, washed the truck, shaved and showered, started dinner, and poured myself a drink.

Three hours later and still I forgot the battery. I have never been diagnosed, but it would seem my attention has a deficit.

So now I'm supposed to get the battery, but thought I'd post this and a couple pics for Dad first.

Tom got the thresholds in and the top step.

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