Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping our heads above water!

We're not entirely drowning out here, though we did get a tremendous rain storm on Monday.  And though we didn't get rain at home, it did rain on us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - we just weren't at home.

It's bee a whirlwind since my parents left on the first.  Thomas finished cutting the stringers and hung them and the interior stairs - very cool!  A nice way to spend Independence Day, sleeping in and getting an extra day of work in around the house.  Pop has been doing some more backfill as the dirt mounds slowly smooth out along the north side of the house.  And we've been shopping. 

We've spent the last three weekends out of town, and that trend is about to change.  The go-go-go is definitely taking a little toll, though we also have our eyes on the prize - a roof by Labor Day - is it even possible? 

After a fantastic midweek celebration of the Fourth of July at Daniel and Julie's, complete with slushies and glow sticks, we jet-setted back up to Denver for the weekend.  It was a social call turned shopping trip and delivery service.  Some friends commissioned a wooden sign that we needed to deliver, so that was a good excuse to head north.  Thomas hadn't seen the Denver family since January, and I hadn't since March.  And we found such great deals at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, that we tried our luck again.

Sunday, we rolled home by 8 pm - still light out.  We didn't bother unloading till last night, but we felt accomplished and pooped.  We visited with 19 friends - went to bed in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday - enjoyed three terrific special meals with friends - held one baby (Baby Kiri was so cute and in her tie-dyed onesie!) - purchased 6 doors (including a brand new sliding door in a great color, perfect finish, and at probably less than half the cost!) - and even got to have a nice sushi dinner with just the two of us!  We did miss getting to see some friends - actually a lot.  There's just only so much two people can cram in 48 hours, but we always do a good job cramming!

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