Monday, July 2, 2012

What people do in Santa Fe...

After a shower and lunch, after bags were packed and loaded, Abba hopped in the truck with Tom, and I hopped in with Momma.  We headed for Santa Fe.  "Santa Fe" means "holy faith", and indeed, it is a central place for the Catholic Church in the New World.  It is also prominent in the state for its arts and native cultures.  We tried to take in a little of everything, and our time not working wasn't so restful.  I am sure my parents slept the whole flight home!

After checking in and allowing my parents a little rest, we regrouped and drove to Canyon Road.  It was a pleasant afternoon, and we were even sprinkled on - such a change!  My mom amused me with an impersonation describing "the inspiration for a $28,000 painting and here's another more affordable one at $12,000."  It wasn't snobbery by any means, but as my dad put it so well - a little over my price point.  Of course, it is fun to look at, and the exercise walking up and down the hill is great.  My parents definitely liked more of the Native American art and the sculptures.  A few outdoor sculptures were photo-worthy by my mom, as she thought they looked like something the school kids would have fun making.

 My favorites, which also caught the eye of my parents, are the metal sculptures that twirl in the wind.

 Comfortable as they look, these two weren't hauling home chairs made of rock.

After making it back to the car just as the sprinkling picked up a little, Thomas guided my dad in the direction of Tomasita's for dinner and a pitcher of margaritas.  We enjoyed the food, if not the crowded restaurant.  The sopapilla and honey finish was just right!  Thomas next guided us up to the cross of the martyrs, and we enjoyed views and stories.  Poor Tom, ever the tour guide in the city he lived in so long!  But he does have such a variety of stories - the extravagance of homes he worked on, the pranks and memories of growing up, and history.  We all really enjoyed them, and driving around wasn't such a bad way to see things when you're tired.

Sunday morning we got up early to go to The Pantry for a delicious breakfast before mass at Cristo Rey.  The service was nice - the church much cooler than we're used to in Cimarron.  We got in some shopping and wandered around the plaza.  We visited the Cathedral of St. Francis, the Palace of the Governors, the Loretto Chapel, and even browsed the row of blankets holding silver and turquoise and other trinkets before slipping into Blue Corn Cafe for a late lunch/early dinner.

 The miraculous stairs in the Loretto Chapel were built by an unknown carpenter without screws or any metal before he disappeared - the banister was not part of the original stairs.

the Cathedral of St. Francis

There is still so much more for my parents to see in Santa Fe - another trip!  After lunch they dropped us off at the truck in the Home Depot parking lot.  I hate saying good-byes, but I was able to hold back tears.  (Too distracted by the lack of helpful customer service agents inside the store!)   The little Kia drove away and headed for the Sunport in Albuquerque, while Tom and I negotiated lumber and foam insulation.  We weren't home so late this time, but we sure felt every bit as tired.  A very productive few days of work on the house and a lot of fun with my parents...maybe we'll just take it easy a few day...

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