Friday, February 15, 2013


Another Valentine's Day come and gone...but love is still in the air.  Cheesy, I know.  It was a good day, but a nice evening for Tom and I together - our first since Sunday.

Tom's new job will soon rival my own, I think, for inconsistent scheduling.  He'll be attending meetings around the county, which aren't all scheduled during the day.  Now when I get home and put on my walking shoes and start walking towards him, I often turn around and walk myself home instead of walking until he passes by and offers me a ride home.  I could end up in Springer if I'm too patient!  Gratefully Tom was just late enough yesterday for me to get a nice roaring fire built for him, get in a half hour walk, and transfer all the house trim into the house. 

Yesterday morning our delivery arrived - building materials for the interior walls, some extra trim for the house, and the lap siding for the exterior of the house.  No small Valentine's gift to each other, as the price tag far exceeded a fancy dinner or three, but it means we've got what we need to keep going for a long while.  Tom, his tio, and Pop have also been conspiring about the electrical, planning out zones and making lists of needs.  Much to do still on the horizon!  As overwhelming as it can be, I still get so excited as it comes together.

We enjoyed a nice dinner - miso soup, crab rolls, and seared tuna on rice with a glass of white wine.  Tom picked a movie - a chic flick for me from our stash of VHS that we are slowly winding our way through.  For Mardi Gras I had dulce de leche ice cream over apple crisp for dinner and watched Up, Close, and Personal (another of the VHS).  Tom was inspired to choose Out of Africa - another Robert Redford film.  The movie started off okay, but somewhere into the first hour a fuzzy static got louder and louder, such that it was louder than the dialogue.  It was hard to listen with the static, but on we watched.  It was probably in the last forty minutes that I had the idea to turn on the closed captioning and turn down the volume.  What a difference it made in knowing what was being said - wished we'd done that sooner.  It seemed quite comical to realize only at the end of 161 minute movie that the one guy's name was Bror - to piece together foreign names that previously were too muffled to figure out. 

And what a sweetie my sweetie is - he gave me dark chocolate, which we shared on graham crackers (we gave up ice cream for Lent, and wouldn't have had any dessert otherwise).  And he gave me a couple of 1000 piece puzzles.  I don't think he realized how much I enjoy puzzles until I put a 500 piece puzzle together in one sitting last month.  Now I'll have to choose between reading or puzzling.

And so the circle of love continues...

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