Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February Progress into March...

February is our shortest month. I already shared that we spent the first weekend of February hanging some of the window trim and erecting our first section of framed wall upstairs.  The second weekend was a bit of a bust.  We'd been out late Friday hanging out with family, so our chance to sleep in was not wasted.   Saturday was awfully windy, and then I worked before and after Mass on Sunday.  With Tom's new job and the long hours he had pulled during the week, neither of were sorry to take it easy.  We were also waiting on an order of materials to keep up the work.  By the end of the second week, our siding and another pile of lumber was delivered, so we were ready to frame more walls the third weekend of February. 

Looking at the NE corner - the master bed and bath...

Looking at the NW corner - the guest bed and bath (still missing the hall wall, which will include closets facing the hall and the bedroom)...

The framing went up quickly.  It's exciting to give the house a little more "shape" by seeing the walls and where things will be.  In my absence on the fourth weekend, Tom and Pop worked on framing in the gabled ends.  They did a great job, as you can see in this picture:
The guys framed in a triangular frame at the top of our concrete wall.
It is great to see these things taking shape.  When not actually out in the house working, we are still talking about things.  Our next plans involve wiring the house (setting up our outlets and light fixture plans) and siding the outside of the house.  We weren't able to do anything this past weekend because of another gusty, gusty weekend.  We did, however, have a visit from the house fairy with a bunch of conduit housing and a book on wiring. 
Here are a couple other shots of work accomplished....
after some snow - looking at the front of the house with window trim (yes, it matches the roof)

our unfurnished dining and living room is equipped with a couple chairs for watching Tom work hard  "/

We foamed in our cellar in the NE corner of the basement for extra insulation.

Our monstrous cellar door.  I installed the handle for pulling it open, but we haven't affixed the super-duty slide lock.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tori!
Please post a picture of what you see from your windows.
I bet you have a magnificent view!
God Bless you and Tom...
love, A. Rose