Friday, July 26, 2013

A Special Day

A day like to day brings a flood of nostalgia behind my eyes.  I remember . . .
  • water balloons cresting the roof line, as I hang out in the backyard with girlfriends unaware my uncle and little brother had climbed up from the other side
  • swimming in the pool on warm summer days with cousins while our dads barbecued and our moms fussed over the rest of the spread; the red checked tablecloths on the picnic tables in my grandparents' backyard; homemade banana split cake from the neighbor with lots of candles;  sitting next to my grandpa, my birthday boy, to blow them all out together
  • getting a slip'n'slide from family friends in California on our family road trip down the Pacific Coast with my Cabbage Patch kid in tow
  • a new outfit and dinner date with my parents without my siblings; I chose Chinese food
  • lots of yummy cobblers and homemade ice cream
  • puddle-jumping in the rain before a party with my girlfriends in Denver
  • rained out barbecue at "jazz in the park"; dragging a soggy, hot grill back home
  • my last birthday in Portland, also my last with Grandpa; received a special quilt from my fairy godmother
  • my first birthday with Tom, which was also my first birthday without Grandpa
  • my second birthday with Tom; peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner overlooking Yellowstone and Philmont cheesecake with raspberry jam in the tent for dessert
  • my first birthday in New Mexico; celebrating with Pop
I know birthdays aren't such a big deal for Tom, but they were always exceptional for me.  How could they not be when you shared a day so special with such a special guy?!?  It was and will always be a gift to me to have celebrated with Grandpa.  Today is not only his birthday, but it's also the feast day of Saints Ann and Joachim, Mary's parents; thus it is often called the feast day of grandparents.  What a lucky girl to have been gifted with such wonderful grandparents in my life!

The well-wishing has been generous this year, and I look forward to celebrating tonight with Pop, whose birthday is tomorrow, and the rest of our family.  And in my heart, I celebrate with Grandpa!  There might be an ice cream cone with my name on it a little later...

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