Thursday, August 8, 2013

Starting on a Bad Foot

August has blown by in a whirlwind.  I am not ready for September, and yet it feels like it might start tomorrow.  Slow down world - I can't walk that fast!  Yes, because I started the month on a bad foot...I fell.  It hurt.  It made crackly noises that scared me worse than having to tell people I did it putting clean sheets on the bed. 
After a day up and down the scaffolding filling in the ceiling with insulation, after a day of climbing ladders and crouching in the bathroom to finish laying the tile, after a solid day of work on the house, it was "housework" that took me out.  Tom was gracious and tender, putting up with my whimpering.  It was Saturday at 10:30 pm, so I was definitely going to sleep on it.  Sunday morning I planned to go to the hospital after mass in the morning, but after a sleepless night and throbbing in my ankle, I pleaded to go sooner than later.
Again, Tom was patient and gentle with me, fixing up my crutches to keep me off my foot.  The x-rays revealed no breaks or fractures, which meant the crackly noises sounded worse than they were.  Thank God!  It is lousy to hobble, but a relief to know I'll be back on the ladder and scaffolding sooner than later.  (All the same, I'll be gimping through the airport on my trip to and from Portland!)

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