Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A busy month!

My last update was actually posted from San Diego!  I had the privilege of helping a friend with her 10 month old during an out of town conference.  I enjoyed the sunny (and the overcast and rainy) weather, mucho gelato, and, best of all, time catching up.  The baby and I went for multiple walks a day - my girlfriend and I had fish tacos at least every other day - and I read a few books during nap time.

The baby and I checked out the USS Midway - an aircraft carrier turned into a museum.  It was pretty neat!

Following San Diego, I spent several days hanging out with my niece and nephews, getting to meet my newest nephew only a month old!  There were special meals out, trips to different parks, and some good ol' rough-housing.  Before I left, everyone got together for a gorgeous evening - eating and playing.

Those two weeks were a great deal of fun, but I'll admit coming home a little pooped.  All my traveling seemed to begin earlier in the morning than sunrise, but after an early flight and a long drive home, I was sure delighted to see my Thomas!

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