Monday, April 20, 2015

A rocky ride

Thomas and I had one grand adventure a week ago.  After finally sleeping in on Saturday, we dilly-dallied around the house until Thomas suggested we see how far we could get up White's Peak in his Ranger.  We grabbed a few things and set off.  It was rather silly - I don't know that either of us expected what our jaunt would turn into.  We certainly didn't plan to be out all day wandering.

The rocky, bumpy road used to take you to the community of Heck - no longer there.
This was where his great grandfather ran a lumber mill.

 You can't quite see our house from here, but sort of the gap in the mesas on the right.

 from the top of the fire watch tower

 The darkish stripe in the middle is from the White's Peak fire a couple years back.

 Looking down - the stairs up to the tower, really the whole tower, was quite vandalized.  Many steps were missing - including the first two rows of them - likely to prevent goof-offs from climbing up.  Didn't stop us!

This cattle guard was so funny to me!  Obviously the road has washed out some, as that cattle guard would have been level with the road instead of all-above it.

We ended up driving to and through White's Peak.  We ended up on the other side of the mountains and drove home through the Moreno Valley and Cimarron.  A fun - day long adventure!

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Allison Bell said...

Fun, Tori!