Friday, August 21, 2015

Going through changes...

Just life changes - not menopause!!!

July was a rough month.  In part I have been struggling with some things at work, and I finally felt compelled to do something about it.  So I half-quit.  I had two jobs and gave up one.  So I am still working half-time at the church and enjoying it, but I also am half time working on the house and trailer and other projects to come.  Eventually I will get my substitute teaching application in for the schools, though I am not ready to start subbing yet.  It is a big change and means I am home two full days in the middle of the week - working on the house.

But first - we started the month of August in Portland for my 20th high school reunion.  Lots of fun - no pictures - but good times!  We also spent a good amount of time with the nephews and niece, though I failed to come home with lots of pictures.

This gem is Isaac - and he has grown up so much, right into a giggler!  I really enjoyed all the smiles and laughing, not so much soaking my shorts in baby spit-up.  

Tom and I ate some delicious seafood and hopped through a couple brewpubs.  He went to the Flugtag event with Marty, and I picked blackberries with my sister.  We got to see the Dieringer kiddos, too.  Just lots of go-go-go-go fun - the norm for our trips to see my family!

Then Tom was out of town for a week, and right off the bat, I had an opportunity to see a bunch of my "oldest" friends in Denver.  The plan for working less and two less days of driving was not to trade it in for trips to Denver every week, but it was a pretty wonderful opportunity, and I was home alone anyway.

Anna Belle and I got to have lunch (and coffee)

 Dee took a picture of Dorothy, Rudy, Betty, Fred, Nancy, David, and I on the occasion of Rudy's birthday.  And then I got a little extra hang out time with Betty, since I stayed at her place.

It was sure a treat to see everyone.  And by fluke of great timing for a text, I got to see my friend Deb as I drove out of Denver to get back to finish up my last few hours of work for the week.

I'm not sure if it's really settling into a pattern yet, but I got lots of texturing and painting in the house done, and the trailer is getting boxed up for the move into the basement when it is finished!

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