Thursday, September 10, 2015

Going Down in Style!

We are not quite finished with the stairs, but let's dwell on what we have accomplished!  At the end of August, we pulled up the old stairs - the "treads", I believe is the proper term.  We had already prepared and cut, planed and poly-ed the new ones.  Thomas cut the ply for the risers while I painted the wall down to the steps.  Thomas installed the elbows we would use for mounting the treads, and then the real fun began.


Truly,  this was the easy part.  Getting our system in place took a little work, as I was gluing vertical tiles on the plywood to be mounted behind the tread.  Thomas accurately diagnosed the problem and fixed lunch.  Things proceeded much better after that.

I really like the nice smooth finish and the natural look of the wood.  The color is pretty, too.   We haven't tackled the landing and bottom steps time.  But at least we could pull up most of the plastic!  And the basement feels like a wonderful den for tv watching and puzzling.  The concrete floor stain is visible in the picture below - turned out great.

The picture above is taken from the closet - which has also been textured and painted.  Once I get some shelves up, it will fill up quick.  And I got the walls in my craft room textured and painted last week, too.  I did the same pattern as our bathroom walls - vertical stripes using a natural straw broom.  The texture reminds me of my engagement ring - rain / bark - very natural feeling.  The wall color is a 50/50 mix of some blue and green on hand.  Before it becomes a craft room, though, it will be storage for everything we still have in the trailer - the office and books, etc.

Hooray for all the progress!  Still to come - pics of the tile that I finally installed around the counters in the kitchen.  Next week it should be ready to grout!

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