Friday, April 29, 2016


More than one thing is gone, but the biggest news - the trailer has driven away to its new home!!!  There is a big hole in the yard where it used to sit - the grass and firewood and alley of gravel that used to lead up to the doorway are all that remain.

 can't really see the empty spot under the snow we woke to this morning,
but it's there!

Thomas gets major kudos for helping with the transition, as I was working.  I understand the Penguin the cat almost stowed away in the loose insulation beneath it, but jumped out before it got more than thirty feet.  And then an axle malfunctioned, and they almost went off the road.  Thank goodness it made it to its new home in one piece!

Aiding in its departure, Pop has been working hard on clearing the fence.  The Highway Dept will be installing a barbed wire fence - easier to maintain than our old wooden jack fence.  So he unscrewed all the boards, and we just loaded all the wood up and hauled it to our gate, where it will find new life as a jack fence inside the property.  (It also meant the trailer didn't have to navigate the narrow gate and road onto the highway.)

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