Wednesday, March 17, 2010

sweet relief....

My cell phone has been acting a little funny.  In my apartment I can't always talk to my parents on their land line because I fade out, same with my friend Gabe.  But then other days there is no problem at all.  I got an unwanted solicitation from a person with a heavy accent asking me about updating my plan because I don't use all my minutes, and wouldn't I want to pay more for a plan with less minutes? 

Anyhow, I have been thinking that I might do away with my Sprint plan altogether come Fourth of July weekend when my plan expires.  Until then...hold out, make do, etc.  This contingency plan did not include dropping my phone fell in the toilet this morning.  Nope, pretty sure I was not expecting that one!

The screen stayed normal for a minute and then turned into a pool of white light...
I turned it off, put it in a sunny window on my way to work, and hoped.  Walking to work, I agonized about the lost phone numbers and all that.  But tonight, it worked!  Yahoo!

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