Monday, July 19, 2010

getting ready for winter

It has been dry and hot.  I mean HOT!  My new fruit trees and everything else are sucking up water.  The tadpoles in the puddle that used to be on the corner are dried into the dirt.  We've seen a lot of lightning in the distance, but nothing here. 

So why are we getting ready for the winter?  Well, our neighbor is out of town, and she has several trees she wants removed.  What we cut, we can take.  Yesterday the whole family was out, and from one tree we loaded up our trailer, Marie and Dave's truck, and Pop's truck.  It was great fun all working together, and we got a great cloudburst right as we wrapped up, which kept it cool for unloading when we all got home.

Today, aside from finishing the drywall and adding some finishing touches around the door and windows, Thomas and I met up with Daniel over at the neighbors and cut another tree.  We loaded up Daniel's truck first, since he didn't get any wood yesterday, and then our truck was next (topper is off, so no more trailer).  We took almost a whole other tree.  The guys amused themselves when they got tired by giving me the chainsaw.  I did my darnedest, but they kept making jokes that I didn't understand.  Ah well...I am pooped!  Another day done, and much accomplished!

Tomorrow we take a break from the house, as Tom has an interview (fingers crossed!), and I am helping Marie with VBS...

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