Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yesterday, Thomas and I made a trip north to cash in on a couple wedding presents, so to speak.  Some of our wedding gifts went towards a new chest freezer and a storm door.  Now we can keep the rain out of our mudroom (it kept sneaking in around the corner of the rubber strip).  And if the storm is really bad, we have a chest freezer already full of pizzas and shrimpies, green chilies and tortillas.  We're set! 

I would say "bring it on" except that we have been getting pounded the last few nights.  Tonight the thunder is rumbling, but we've already had a few good showers this afternoon.  We also have begun slathering our roof with a white "tar" that helps to make sure it is leak proof and keeps it cooler in these hot temps.  I already noticed that the one leak from the chimney pipe has already dried up....woo woo!

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