Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hanging Right Along - Pt II

I can't believe I forgot to post the story about the cat! 

Friday night as we get the last truss hung and all is well, Tom looks up to see the momma cat Felix perched on top of the NE corner of the house.  He comments about what a stupid cat - probably climbed up the ladder, though I have seen her climb the studs on the framed wall and hang from the headers.  Anyway, Felix is on top of the wall, and we are cleaning up for the night.  We come back out, and Thomas laughs that now she can't get down and tries to climb the scaffolding to help her.  At this point she is not on the wall, she has climbed to the peak of the roof trusses and is stepping across the peaks that are two feet apart.  She is "running" away from Thomas who is trying to help her down.  I decide to run to the house for the camera, but as I come back out of the house, she has climbed out to the middle truss and then run down it to the outside edge of the wall and leaped to the ground.  "Stupid cat!" as Thomas said over and over.

Last night we hung almost a full row of decking - just a three foot section to go.  We weren't lazy, in leaving such a small piece unfinished, but a storm rolled in dropping rain hard and fast.  The lightning was about six miles off in Thomas' estimation, and on top of a roof swinging a hammer is not where you want to be if the lightning moved any closer.  Maybe we'll get started on the south side tonight?

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