Monday, August 20, 2012

Not so lazy Sunday...

It looked a Ford truck lot in front of our new house; not only did Pop come to help, but David and Andres joined us, too.

Sunday afternoon Pop asked me if I would trust a thin piece of wood to support me on the roof, and I told him I never have worked on a roof before.  I have walked a on a few roofs in the company of my uncle Pat back when I helped out with the properties, but installing decking is new to me.  I hopped up onto the scaffolding and acrobatically climbed up the trusses and threw my legs over the edge and onto the decking.  Thomas counseled me not to look at the ground, so I didn't right away.  It was okay working up there.  I felt pretty comfortable hammering and balancing, though I mostly stayed on my butt.  After we got the second row filled in, we took a break from the heat and regrouped on our next steps.  While Thomas and Pop worked on cutting boards and preparing eaves, I started unscrewing the bracing from the center of the trusses that connected them all together.  With the decking going up, it was pretty stable. 

Right about then David and Andres arrived, so I traded my place on the decking with David and was glad to keep my feet on solid ground.  We got another row completed before we called it a day.

about 5 feet left to go on the north side

What a difference the shade makes underneath...

Hopefully we can chip away at the work of getting the decking up during the week and weekend.  Our hope it to get the decking up and hang the fascia before installing the propanel over Labor Day weekend!

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