Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More progress...

May has been anything but typical.  Tom spent the first week in Las Cruces for a training and the second to last week in Soccoro for another training.  I snuck off to Denver for a whirlwind of visits, too, and also wrapped up all the evening stuff for work.  Now it is "summer" because the kids are out of school. 

We got a lot done on the house - Pop, with the occasional help of Andres, has been our ditcher par excellence!  We laid the service cable and the water line.  Last day of the month - Pop announced there is running water to the house, which I joked better not be running until there is also a septic line buried.  With the help of friends, we made great progress on the siding over Memorial Day weekend.  And this past week, Thomas and I have been talking a lot about appliances and kitchen layout and flooring, etc.  We've also been working on estimates for insulation and drywall.

This past weekend - officially June work - Tom and I got up nearly all the siding on the north side.  We definitely missed our friends who helped us make such short work of the other side.  Pop worked the tractor and buried the water line (and his cell phone?).  Our plans to finish the north side and do the east one, too, were foiled by strong winds on Sunday.  We gave in and worked inside.  Much of the electrical wiring has been run through the upstairs; the ones into the ceiling for lights can wait a little longer.  And the kitchen layout needs to be solid before we run wires all over the kitchen.  In part to do this, we cleaned out a lot of scrap wood and other materials, removed the rest of the tarp that was installed over the decking almost a year ago when my parents were here.  The interior looks so nice and clean and open.  It's all coming together!

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