Monday, June 24, 2013

We've Got Power!

Saturday, I slathered on the sunscreen, got dressed, and had breakfast.  I slept in a little bit - emphasis on "little bit".  Weekday mornings can be so difficult to get up, but at the first opportunity to sleep late, I am up with the sun.

And the sun is UP!  Our days are in the nineties, and we're pretty dry.  And despite my best effort, I didn't slather good enough and missed my shoulder blade.  Sadly, it is pretty red.  After working in the cool basement in the morning, we had set up our electrical panel and flipped the main breaker to off.  Then we headed to the electrical pole and connected our lines.  There was a bit of fussing over the old lines and new lines and digging and tugging and shoving.  After connecting all the conduit and getting the wires in the box, Tom and his dad got everything squared away.  They flipped the switch, and nothing happened.  This was a good thing - no sparks, no arcs, no hiccups.

Thomas hooked up an outlet for the basement and for upstairs.  Wow - what a nice strong current can do: brighter lights and an even faster fan.  We celebrated with beers in the basement and then took a break before coming back out and hooking up some of our other lines into the electric panel. 

Sunday we had a real sabbath and didn't work.  I pulled some weeds, but not until after a couple hours rest after church.  It was nice to take a break from the heat.  I am overdue for some pictures of the house, though I'm not sure how interesting a picture of our electric panel would be.  Dad arrives in a couple days to help, so then I can get some more pictures. 

In the meantime - Tom says not to work for a man with a lighted barn.   

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