Monday, October 14, 2013

September progress into October

Help!  There are pictures trapped on my camera...oh wait, I don't need help; I just need to remember to upload the pictures to post them.

So the pictures from mid-September are about where we left off at the end of September.  After a party weekend with the Fords and family celebration with the Vigils, we had only the window of time after youth group on the 29th to put up some more planks on the ceiling.

However, the first weekend in October we rocked!  We "finished" the south side of the ceiling - stopping a couple rows short of the crown, as that will be a separate piece to stick in after the north side is up.  It is very beautiful, and I I'm glad we chose to go with the pine. This past weekend we progressed on the north side, but not until after dealing with the siding.

Friday was shaping up to be a decent day, until pulling into the driveway after work and seeing a piece of siding midway down the north wall hanging off.  Argh!!  We don't need anything to go wrong - we're trying to get into this house sooner than later!  Gratefully, the wind was calm enough in the morning on Saturday that we got out and did some repair work on the siding and secured the rest.  We put up the eave on that side, but then had to call it a day.  More progress to come.  Sunday, however, was too windy to get back outside, so we resumed with the ceiling when I got home from youth group.  We made good progress in our bedroom.  (Of course, I always have to suggest just two more rows when we're winding down, only to have them be especially frustrating.  I guess I don't know when to quit!)

Today we both had off, so we nearly finished the bedroom, completed the front hall, and joined those two as they climbed toward the peak of the roof.  After a quick bathroom/drink break, I got us set up to tackle the ceiling in the other bedroom.  As I prepped the space, I unleashed a shower of rain down on the floor.  A shower of rain!?!?!  After thirteen months of no leaks, now?!?!  After 11 months of no problems, the insulation goes up.  And then just last Wednesday on a day off, I finished our second insulation barrier.  And now it leaks?!?!  The only thing we could figure was that the rainstorm Sunday night that filled our rain barrel was coming sideways and even falling up because the winds were so wild.  The insulation wasn't ruined or even wet - it was between the two layers, but all the same, we pulled open that bay in the ceiling, laid a trap of drywall to see if there are any more leaks, and sealed the heck out of our roof cap.  What a day!

On two positive notes -
     Pop and his trusty sidekick Andres finished the septic line on Saturday, connected up the pipes, and buried it!  Of course soon after as I predicted, the house had a farty smell where the pipes were not connected to toilets and sinks with p-traps full of water.  A little tape stopped that.  And though he threatened, Tom has not yet tested out the septic line.
     PLUS -we are so excited for a visit from a couple friends this weekend!

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