Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thank God!

I know that when Thomas and I were grappling with the news of water leaking in through the roof, I said something like, "At least we haven't put up the boards yet because I would hate to have to pull them down."  The ordeal left me watching to see how Thomas would take it.  Truly, we both felt frustrated and bummed about something going wrong instead of going right.  Especially after 13 months of no problems with the roof.  Especially when we were on such a roll!  We weren't feeling blessed or thankful about it at all.

Today as I told my sister about it, I realized it was a really good thing to happen.  What if we hadn't had a wild and crazy rainstorm the night before?  What if that piece of siding hadn't been ripped off on Friday, so we made all the progress on the ceiling before Sunday night's storm?  What if, what if, what if?!?! 

Of course we'd like to think there was nothing wrong with the roof at all, but given that it somehow was still penetrable by rain falling up, it is a blessing to have happened the night before we got to that section of ceiling and not the night after.  Thank God for that small favor, for showing us what needed to be done.  And please, God, let that be the last of our lessons!  No more water in the house where it isn't supposed to be, please!

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