Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Preparing for Christmas...

Should I worry that I'm not ready yet?  We've been so busy on multiple fronts that we haven't decorated, shopped, or sent out cards?  I have a feeling we might not put much effort into any of those things given everything else that is more important.  As it is, none of those things are the "true meaning of Christmas" - or at least that's what a bunch of third and fourth graders told me last night.  They said it is about spending time with family, spending time with family, and spending time with family - oh and it's about Jesus.  That would be what I love about Christmas - spending time with family and Jesus!

So what have we been preparing for - making a house more of a home.  Still not livable, but closer every weekend.
A couple weekends ago we worked some more on the southern siding, so we could close in the wall on the inside.  The wind managed to stay at bay until the last 40 minutes of daylight.

This past weekend Andres had a good excuse to drive the tractor again - moving the clawfoot tub inside.  With his and Pop's help, we were able to muscle it in the front door and into the living room.  I cleaned the outside and painted it a light yellow.  We've tentatively agreed on a color for the brass claw feet if we don't leave them brassy. 

Getting the tub ready is a sign that the bathroom is nearly ready for it.  I've textured all the walls and primered the edges.  Once the primer and paint is finished, we'll be ready to install the tub and toilet.  Wow - that will be cool!

Our bathroom is getting a little closer to the stage of texturing, etc.  The corner piece of drywall was waiting to be hung for a while, as we actually ran plumbing out the wall for a spigot outside.  

Thomas picked up the six foot tub for our bathroom last week.  We'll set up a shower over it, but it's large enough for Thomas to take a bubble bath.  We might have to let Andres come over and enjoy a soak, too.

And though there are other temporary lights installed, I really like our kitchen light.  Hard to tell, but it is a vine/leaf pattern.  The others are, too.

Won't be settling in for Christmas, but every weekend we get closer to the dream.  Who knows what we can still accomplish before the year is out!?!?

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