Thursday, December 5, 2013

Promised Pictures of Life

Wouldn't you know - I forgot about some other pictures on the camera - in part because Thomas took the Halloween one.

Fall is a magnificent time - and on this particular day, Oct 30th, the sun dropped into the crook of the mesa and mountains, casting some of the land in shadow and illuminating this tree out in the field northwest of us.  It was really glorious.  I was out cleaning the wood porch and stocking it when I noticed the light turn the tree into gold!  Two days later, a drop in temp changed everything brown and dropped the leaves to the ground.

Trick or treaters - a carebear, bumble bee, and dia de los muertos chica overshadowed by leatherface
These guys brought their parents in to celebrate with some pumpkin pie and fresh whipped cream - a wonderful tradition from my days on Henderson.

 Sunset falls around 4:30 - the colors are so amazing.

And then there were two - Crusty (left) and Not Peanut watched me load wood from the porch to inside from atop a ladder.  At times Tiger was up there, too.  Not Peanut hasn't been seen in a couple weeks....ah nature!  Was I really worried about having eight cats for a little while?

Thanksgiving was also a day to celebrate David and Julie's birthdays.  Thomas was quite pleased with himself for finding a "1" candle for Julie and a "?" candle for Dave. 

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