Sunday, January 5, 2014

On the Tenth and Eleventh Day of Christmas...

My true love gave me about ten hours of hard work and probably eleven plumbing joints connected.  We spent some time sleeping in - only fair, but we also busted our buns getting TWO tubs installed.  Of course, none of it would have been possible without Pop's help, too, and the skateboard.

Thomas picked up a new drain kit for the clawfoot tub on Friday, as the existing one wouldn't go back together completely.  We mixed and matched a bit to keep some of the brass fittings.  Keeping any of the brass meant a lot of work polishing, which kept me busy while the guys sorted things out.  Once it was all together - after a couple trips to the nearest hardware store (aka Pop's house) and one to the next nearest hardware store - we wheeled it into place with Thomas's old skateboard.  An amusing endeavor, especially as it was a narrow fit!  The kicker was walking up the steps from the basement to see Thomas sitting in the tub.  His comment: "Hey, give me some privacy; shut the door, will you?"

Looks pretty good in there - still some more work to do, but what a load off not to have to move that again!

Pop headed off and left us to clean up.  So we could close in the last of the wall in the adjacent bedroom, we also hung the mirror.

Thomas created the frame for a plain-jane mirror out of some beautiful oriental wood.

Saturday we were good and tired, but Sunday afternoon we rallied.  Thomas had also picked up some lumber to frame in around the tub for our bathroom.  It took a  lot of banging around, but it's in, too!  Pop and Tom worked out the drain and connected it up to the house drain while I hung a little more dry wall. 

Once again, Pop and I came from upstairs to see Thomas laying in the tub.  This time his comment: "I could sleep in this thing."  Yes, it is six feet long, so he could.  
His follow-up comment later on: "If you carried in buckets of water, you take a bath."

My true love needs a couple more elbows and some pipe, and then we will get the tubs fully plumbed, and I could take a bath without the buckets!  I think I will wait!

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