Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working Hard

Tom, Pop, and I have made great strides this month in the house - especially since we took most of Tom's birthday weekend off of homework and spent time on trailer/shop work.  We did have a three day of work last weekend, though we started strong and ended pretty tired.

The toilets are installed, no thanks to me.  One isn't connected to the water line yet, but both tubs have been connected to the water line and drain.  Thomas also installed the cabinet, sink, and faucet in our bathroom.  It needs to be connected to the drain still.  But the bathroom plumbing is largely done.  I may have slowed us down a little when I knocked the bolt for the toilet into the drain.  Though it could easily be replaced, Thomas pointed out that it isn't the kind of thing you want hanging out in your line once operational.  Oh yeah!  To my credit I did suggest a magnet right away, which was the method it was retrieved, just not right away.

Thomas installed the backer board around our tub, and we got the shower and tub plumbing hooked up through it.  I filled in a few gaps with the drywall we had in the house.  There is just a wee-wee bit left to do on the main floor, but we'll need to truck the drywall in from the horse barn.  Thomas worked on taping the seams in our bedroom, so I can get to work texturing it.  In the meantime I oiled the bathroom, hall, and bedroom ceilings with lemon oil.  It smelled so good.  I still had to sand the hall ceiling before I could oil it, and it reminded me of the fun I have to look forward to sanding the main living area - yikes! At least it can be done with the rolling scaffolding, which is much faster than moving and climbing up and down the ladder often.

Moving right along - on schedule, who knows? 

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