Wednesday, February 19, 2014

About 99% There

This weekend, Pop helped Tom move the scaffolding onto the stairs.  As Thomas said, that scaffolding was more than worth the investment in it.  With it on the stairs and a step ladder on it, we were able to hang the last of the drywall around the corner windows.  Then we got the spot above our bathtub, after nearly setting sail for distant lands when we walked a piece of drywall across the property in the wind.  There are three small places still to trim with drywall, but we're nearly done hanging it upstairs!  Hooray!

I think Thomas might have been most satisfied with our progress Sunday clearing out all the small scraps of drywall.  We loaded up the back of the truck with a bag of trash and a few big stacks of angled pieces and window cut-outs.  All that clutter was just in the way. 

I'll have to get a picture up of the south wall, as it really makes it look different with all the drywall up.  We keep plodding along...

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Allison said...

Yippee! The entire project sounds so sweet. It will be so exciting to sit in a house you built!