Thursday, February 13, 2014


How did it get to be halfway through February??!?! 

The house took a back burner last weekend, as Tom and I converged from opposite directions later on Saturday and were pretty tired on Sunday.  But the first weekend of the month was very exciting.  I PEED!  TWICE!  My niece asked me if there was a parade to celebrate.  Clearly, she doesn't appreciate the excitement that running water and flushing drains can have on a person. 

In addition to finishing this plumbing feat, I finished up some drywall trim around our bedroom door and just about finished the texturing in our bedroom.  There was a spot where Tom replaced some crappy tape that cracked off, so I still need to hit that spot.  Hopefully this weekend I can get a primer up.

We also worked on Saturday afternoon to create a fake glue-lam (code word for when you glue several pieces of wood together to create a bigger piece of wood).  After assembling it, Thomas trimmed it on Sunday to a nice beam for the peak of our ceiling.  It will be way cool when it is hung, but first we had to finish putting up the ceiling on one side to meet it.  That was less fun, especially when someone hammered his fingernail into the tip of his finger and made a bloody mess. 

Hooray!  The month started out pretty great, all casualties aside.

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