Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Month Gone By

April is winding to a close in a matter of hours.  It was a busy month for Thomas and I - in and out for work, lots of weekend commitments for me, EASTER!, and more work on the house.  We've gotten lots done.  The texturing has sure come a long way.  I plan to spend some evenings putting up the primer on the kitchen/living room upstairs and the bathroom. 

I mentioned spring blooming before - these little purple things are just the loveliest splash of color!

While I went in early to get ready for and sing at the Easter Vigil, Thomas finished the southern wall inside.

While I stayed late on Sunday for a First Communion retreat, Thomas moved the scaffolding onto the stairs and started on the corner and trimming out the windows.

Thomas and I tackled our bathroom walls together - textured with a little straw broom.  It sounded better in Tom's head.

It was less messy in mine - guess I get to clean the floor!

Hooray for these little flowers!!!  And hooray for the buds on the lilac bushes and forsythia.

Boo hiss for the bind weed that has pushed its way up EVERYWHERE and for the locoweed that is also blooming all over.  No time for weeding.  But at least we've been blessed with moisture!

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