Thursday, April 10, 2014

More house pics...

I haven't kept up with the photos too well, but here are some more revealing our progress.  The past month has been crazy - Tom was gone, I was gone, then Tom was gone before I even got back.  We took off for Santa Fe one weekend to buy supplies - a couple more ceiling fans, some lumber, glass blocks, bathroom tile...the usual suspects, too - produce, pizza, frozen fish, etc.  Tom was gone again, and was gone again, but gets back tonight!!!  And then I am gone again before he will be gone again a few more days each.  It's kind of cramping our working-on-the-house lifestyle, but I've also been able to get in a little more on weeknights after work.  We'll just keep chipping away at the to-do list.

  Last weekend we finished up the texturing of the north walls in the kitchen, and installed the window box over our bedroom door.  Plus, Pop and I got the drywall up around the window frame.

A Sunday I worked late in town, Tom got the windows finished in our bedroom - both are trimmed out in  wood.

A couple weekends back we finished installing the ceiling and the center beam.  It looks real beautiful.  I have come in with some light sanding of the section pictured, but still have a lot to do.  Then it will be oiled and done!

Tom got these two window boxes installed, and I hung the drywall this week in his absence.  It might not be too long before the whole north wall is textured.

We continue to plan and revise and adapt - easy to do when you are your own contractor!

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