Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Progress we can really see!

This pas weekend was amazing!  After being sicko the weekend before, it was exciting to get up and get to work on the house Saturday AND Sunday.  We went to Confirmation in Raton Saturday night, giving us a whole day Sunday to work, too.

Last week we agreed on a lighter shade for the south and west walls - creme brulee.  We also picked the color for the sides of our cabinets - gunmetal.  (We still need to figure out the stain for the cabinet doors, but it will match the gray of the sides.)  Tom brought the paint home Thursday, and we set to work Saturday morning.

The scaffolding on the stairs isn't my favorite place to work.  There is still much I can't reach from the scaffolding, and the alternative starts to look like the Bremer Stadtmusikanten.  The scaffolding doesn't feel like the sturdiest platform for the ladder or step stool for me to then stand upon.  Gratefully, Thomas went to town with the prepping and painting over the stairs.  Saturday we got a second coat of the sunshine up, primed the wall over the stairs in the morning, and prepped and painted the south and west walls.  It looks great!

Sunday, we hung kitchen cabinets!  We still have a corner cabinet next to the dishwasher to do -once the plumbing is finished.  And we still have the island to install, which will wait to make it easy to move stuff around.  It was great to have Pop working with us in the afternoon.  I can't imagine how Tom and I would have hung the cabinets that go over the oven without him.  I may think I'm strong, but not that strong!

What a terrific feeling we had to see all the work we did over the weekend!  It's all coming together so beautifully.  I tackled a bit more ceiling sanding of the ceiling this week.  Just about done and ready to oil it, which means that we'll be set to start laying the flooring.  Tom's given me the task of picking the bedroom paint color, so we can do that in a jiffy and start laying floor in there.  Could it be?  Might being moved in be an amazing birthday gift to me?

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Allison said...

Love the yellow! Wish I were that brave.!