Thursday, September 25, 2014

high tide!

Cimarron made the news with its flooding Sunday, but things are drying out here.  As much as we need the rain, floods like this often leave the water downstream and the destruction behind.  And as I suspected, a number of folks slept right through it.  Reports range from 5 to 10 inches in five hours - that's a lot of rain!

Here are the pictures I took Tuesday on my way to work of the olona on the south side of the highway.  It feeds water into Miami Lake through a large culvert under the highway. 

The actual culvert is further down the road by the bushes, but this picture shows both the debris caught in the barb wire fence, as well as how high the road is compared to the ground on the south side.  The water actually comes from the far end of the picture, so the debris shows how far the water shot past the culvert.

Closer to the culvert, you can see the valley a little better to the west.

This picture looking east shows all the debris left behind.  It was dark when we found ourselves in the water, but using the odometer, I would guess it was around 500 yards, and Tom thought it was two feet deep at its deepest - that is just a lot of water barreling down the little path!  From all accounts it sounds like it was running over the highway for at least an hour.  And the lake is looking pretty full!

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