Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Notes

In this crazy newlywed time (are we still newlyweds?), we spend more of it apart because of work schedules, and the time we are together, we're usually asleep. I have heard so many stories of newlyweds working opposite schedules in the past couple of months that it seems it was predetermined as a test of faith and love that I would go to sleep before Thomas got home, and I would leave for work before Thomas woke up, and he would leave for work before I got home...and so on. No, it hasn't been easy. But there have been late nights of work and dinner with other family to distract me. There have also been the mornings when I started my day late and had breakfast with Thomas, since I can stay late in the evening. Yesterday I made banana pancakes for us. It was a real treat. In the meantime my "Spanish phrase of the day" tear off calendar has been flipped on its front and turned into our pad for leaving messages. I like to leave messages for Thomas...sometimes one at night and one in the morning, even though not much has happened in between. I came home tonight to a love note from Thomas, and it made me smile. Then I found his other love note...
We played Upwords recently and hadn't put it away yet...
Very sweet! These things that make me smile on the inside! In other news I am staying warm. I built my first fire and got it on the first match! I am very proud of myself, especially as I haven't lit a fire in years...I don't even think I have responsible for any recent campfires.
The cast iron kettle on top was my grandparents.

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