Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say hello to the wind...

I think the wind is going to be around for a while.

I have driven through the rain, the clouds, the sun, but all compare to the endurance of driving in the strong gales we've had recently.  It made me think of the movie Twister yesterday, except our wind was pretty much just blowing from ESE to WNW, no curves.  The trees were nearly horizontal, and the ones that got too close snapped - lots of down limbs and trees.  The UPS truck in front of me was even leaning a little bit.  I could have been suspected of drunk driving, though hopefully not that early in the morning.  The wind was just so strong!

I could see a line of thick clouds on the horizon, and I understand that there may have been snow falling in the higher elevations on the west face of the mountains.  I was nervous for the storm coming our way, but nothing but a little rain fell.  The wind was storm enough.  I got to work right before the power went out for 4.5 hours.  It made for a somewhat cool office.  I could still light the stove with a match for hot tea, and the windows let in the dim light.  I mostly read and prepared during the time.  Everything stays open and has adjusted quite well to the power outages.  The kids at school read and study and play, but there are no lights or computers.  The bank writes out manual deposit slips.  And at the office of ICC, we kept as busy as the rest. 

Gratefully the power came back on around 2:30.  We didn't have to cancel classes in the evening, and I was able to get a bit of computer work done.  Coincidentally, not long after I arrived home from work, the power went out again for about 1.5 hours.  Thomas was home, so we decided we might as well go to bed at 10 pm, and no sooner had we gotten all tucked in than the power came back to let us know we left on the kitchen lights.  My goodness!

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