Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say goodbye to the deer and elk...

The title isn't to suggest that I am out with my hunting rifle shooting up the woods.  I realized that enough is enough.  So I see deer and elk nearly everyday this time of year...probably will continue for a while.

I can't truly say they have completely lost my interest...as it is really awesome to see a herd of bull elk by the road or twenty deer all crossing the road together.  And more than that, I better be paying attention to them because I would like to keep driving my car a little longer.

I have learned, as Daniel pointed out, that they are really smart animals.  Now that hunting season has begun, the elk hang out by the highway because the law says you're not supposed to shoot them within 100 feet of it.  Not sure who told them they'd be safe there, but they sure do love to stand around showing off to the hunters driving by.  They look like pretty massive animals.  And the deer, whoever trained them to cross the highway at the sign for the human crosswalk must have thought the tourists would be really amazed.  But I live here and have seen it a few times.  Time for a new trick!

I am still waiting to see a raccoon in the road - have seen a rabbit, an owl, and a skunk.  There may be more animal stories, but I think I will take a break for now.

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