Tuesday, October 19, 2010

more animals...

All I ever write about anymore are the animals along the highway on my way to and from Cimarron.  And here I go again!

This morning I saw a cluster of bucks.  I noticed some of the deer had already rubbed the felt off their antlers, while others still had fuzzy antlers.  I moseyed along the way, and as I slowed down for the drop into Philmont and the 40 mph slow zone, I spotted deer up ahead.  This is always nice, to spot them up ahead.  Most of the time, I seem to only see them as they are whizzing by, usually staring at me, maybe because my car needs a new muffler and sounds terribly loud to them.

So up ahead I spy deer in the road.  Not just one or two...fifteen!  Does and fawns, running in a line across the road at a crosswalk sign...what a coincidence, right?  One young fawn was leaping through the soft ground and then pranced across the asphalt to the other side and promptly began springing about.  They looked as if they heard the dinner bell rung for breakfast, or the school bell.  Something seemed to be calling them all at once. 

That was the excitement on the way to work, but on the way home, I saw an owl swoop across the road and a bunny...not together in the chase. 

Oh what does the road have in store for tomorrow?

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