Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marathon Weekend Pt II

So I crawled into bed at Mary's house right about the end of the half marathon - about 1 am. I wasn't looking forward to an alarm set earlier than even my weekdays, but I was excited to see him:
Henry just turned one on Friday. And he is an early riser, as are his parents, so we met at Loyola for 7:30 am mass!
Nikki, my support person my JV year in Denver, and Fr. Tom, my Jesuit support person that year, get to see each other all the time, now that Fr. Tom is assigned to Loyola, but I can't think when the last time was that we were all three together. We enjoyed catching up in the hall after mass, and little Henry was happy to show off for us. As it approached time for Fr. Tom's second mass (the one I would have been at had it not been for my early rising friends), we said good-bye and got a picture.
Henry, Nikki, Russ, me, and Fr. Tom
The four of us left Fr. Tom and headed over to the farmers market for a little more hang out time and some much needed produce. I found some squash and pumpkins, a box of apples, and a loaf of cranberry walnut bread as a treat for Tom - a treat we often picked up at the farmers market and finished in one sitting. I also ran into my friend Chad from farming in Denver days. It was good to see him and catch up. And of course the samples are always delicious.
As we loaded our cars and parted ways, I set my course for Betty's house. She was getting back Saturday from a trip, but I figured she still went to her early church service and would be home at 10:30 am. She was guessing who it was as she came down the stairs, and I thought she might not open if I didn't give myself away. We visited, and as usual I left with a few duplicate movies. It was fun to show her this blog and my sister's, so she could see pictures.

A quick shot of the two of us!

From Betty's I zoomed over to Racines. Yes, at this point, I think Thomas may have gotten out and started walking home. I knew that the Davis clan would be meeting before the Broncos game for their version of tailgating - brunch at Racines. I found a spot at Mt. Fuji across the alley, ordered a couple rolls to go, and then snuck in to Racines. Gratefully I could see them when I walked in and surprise them without troubling the staff. Hugs all around! Andrea was in the bathroom, so I stole her seat and protested that she had eaten most of my breakfast. It was a quick visit, but put a huge grin on my face. No pictures, but Shaun, Andrea, Jennifer, Davis, and Cathy were to be my last hugs in town.
I hit the adult beverages store, the grocery store, and the gas station on my way out of town. I wanted to be home by 6 pm for the Simpson's with Tom (which actually didn't start until 7 pm). I made it with five minutes to spare!

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