Thursday, May 17, 2012

Naked Walls

I am not ready to post pictures, as we are in the midst of the clean-up phase.  The walls are still setting up and doing their thing, but in the meantime we have hung the ledgers for the floor joists.  We also disassembled the scaffolding and are slowly collecting screws out of the wall and stacking up our OSB bracing material.  This is going to be a process, but it is mostly no-brainer work.  Aside from pulling the bracing materials, and the hundreds of screws, our next step will be prepping to pour half the basement slab. 
The most exciting bit of this clean-up phase was the removal of scaffolding and obstructions of our doorway.  My back still flinched a little at the thought of having to walk up to the construction trailer for a tool or a ____, but slowly as the work progressed Wednesday evening, the muscles began to relax.  Just thinking about stooping under the scaffolding makes me wince a little! 
Tonight, we dance!  Or just wiggle in our seats as we listen to the Cimarron Wind Ensemble, notably Andres in the brass section.  I teased Jennifer that I might see if they would play "Happy Birthday" for her, but I kind of don't think they will, since she will be in Denver.  Oh happy Syttende mai for her!

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