Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pictures, as promised

The rain has been intermittent.  After the big storm on Sunday evening, Monday was overcast and drizzly.  I worked late and didn't get home until close to 9 pm, so I didn't miss much.  Tuesday was more of the same until about 1 pm, when the sun finally burned through.  Thomas and I worked together in the afternoon building our window bucks to be installed before Saturday.  We had to cut our work short for another rainstorm rolling in.  We need the moisture, so we welcome the rain with our fingers crossed that we can keep our scheduled concrete pour on Saturday morning.
 Tom and Pop on Saturday morning as the third course went up.  At this stage the cellar doorway is very easy to navigate.

 An "after shot" of the ramp down to the cellar door, now blocked with scaffolding.  The mud has dried and left our big foot prints.  Pretty wild how the rain penetrated about an inch of soil, and once that layer of mud stuck to your shoe, it peeled away the mud to a layer of fresh dirt underneath, making it much easier for me walking down the ramp behind Thomas.

 We got the scaffolding up on Sunday morning, now covered with plastic sheeting.

 We got this OSB up to brace the blocks from the wind just before the storm blew in Sunday.  Tom and I were snug down in the gap between the dirt and block, and in particular his pants had to be shaken out for all the dirt he collected in his pockets.  For each board we put up, I would run down into the gap to get it in place with Thomas and then run back up and onto the scaffolding to make sure the blocks were pressed down - a great little bit of exercise.

Tuesday afternoon we got out the chop saw and got to work on our bucking.  These are essentially place holders in the block to keep the concrete out of the area we want out windows.  We will also make one for the cellar door.

And who knows what tonight will bring!?!  Hopefully we can finish up the bucking and . . .

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