Monday, May 14, 2012

Pour Pics

There wasn't much time between pre-pour and pour - once that chute was full, there was no turning back.  We had three trucks of concrete come, not all at once, and Thomas essentially took three runs with the concrete.  He started next to the door and got almost around with the first truck, worked his way all the way around with the second, and then the third truck gor him nearly full circle for three full runs.

This is when the concrete first started flowing.  Dave is close behind with the vibrator to make sure the concrete settles well and doesn't create any hollow cavities sround rebar, etc.

Once the concrete started coming, there was no time for snapping pictures.  Everyone had something to do, and we just kept moving.  We would get a little break inbetween trucks, but the guys were still vibrating, and we were inspecting the buckings and if the walls were staying plumb. 

 Daniel "posing" with the vibrator.  Too many jokes to go there, but it was fascinating to watch as it settled out and air bubbles rose to the top.

 The concrete nearly made it all the way around.  Marie was our hero, driving all the way to Raton to buy quickrete so we could finish the last couple of feet.  It was so important for the brackets to be buried in concrete, so they'll hold when the joist are added before we start the next level.  Pop was smoothing the south wall where we will frame up the wall above it, and Thomas was roughing up the other three walls where we will pour concrete for those walls above.

What a work crew!  Tom & I, Daniel, Pop, and David, plus cameraman Andres!
Compare the sky to that first pic of Thomas bracing the wall Saturday morning.  We were fortunate to get our work done between the morning showers and the afternoon thunderstorm and hail.

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