Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Sara!

Today is the day!  I would have liked to take off work to attend her "friends party" today - a pool party.  Lucky ducks!  We celebrated with dinner and dessert on Saturday evening, and though there was talk of a polar bear swim, I don't think it happened.  We had to sign a waiver or something before getting in to hold harmless the owners, something about heart-stopping, frigid water.  Actually, my tired body would prefer a hot tub in such situations.

the birthday girl with her chocolate cake 

her "pet sister Sofia chewing on my nalgene cap

Sara is full of funny little sayings and questions.  She received moon-dough, which was promptly opened and passed around for those of us with no concept of it (think non-sticky cotton candy that doesn't dissolve or those orange party peanut snacks).  Sara read the package, which said to "keep away from pets".  She looked up and asked if Sofia was a pet.  I don't think so!!!!  She knew that it should be kept away from Sofia, but just couldn't quite match the instructions to the baby.  I tried not to give her a hard time, but asked if it said on the package that it was a good toy for kids older than a certain age.  Pretty funky stuff...

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Anonymous said...

Just thought I would add the friend party was a hit. All the girls got in the pool. The sun was out which made for slightly warmer temps. Couldn't have done it without the older two- Andres made the pizzas and Maya was lifeguard.
A good day!